Green Coffee Bean Doctor Oz

Coffee has been known as popular drink in the world. Several type of coffee like Blue Mountain and Kopi Luwak are very expensive and are known as high class drink. Human being never satisfied enough, so people will try to find more things included in coffee. Research found that green coffee bean has health benefit. Therefore pure green coffee bean extract is recommended by Dr Oz as one of diet supplement.

Why Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Is Best For Weight Loss?

Compare to roasted coffee beans, this pure green coffee bean contains more chemical chlorogenic acid. The amount of chlorogenic acid inside the green coffee bean is quite higher than other plant. Chlorogenic acid helps in burning fat and reducing the production of fat, boosts metabolism and works as antioxidant. Different from other diet supplements which consist of several ingredients (some of them might be dangerous for health), pure green coffee bean is made of 100% natural ingredients.

Green Coffee Bean Caffeine Level

Then, how about the caffeine? We all know that caffeine has some bead effect on body if it is consumed too often in high amount. Drinking too much coffee will cause insomnia, cardiovascular problem, and other side effects. But, you don’t need to worry because the pure green coffee bean only contains about 20 mg of caffeine compare to roasted coffee beans which can have about 100 until 400 mg of caffeine.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Warnings

Nonetheless we cannot take everything easily. For some people the use of pure green coffee bean is totally unrecommended. The example are pregnanat or breastfeeding women, children, people with diabetes and heart disiease. Though in the explanation above pure green coffee bean has quite safe amount of caffein, in the case of somebody who is allergic to caffeine or coffee beans it is better to avoid any green coffee bean product. This also goes with other people who sensitive with pure green coffee bean, meaning that any form of pure green coffee bean like capsule, pils and extract should not be consumed.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

Not only works well in wight loss pure green coffee bean also has other benefit like; maintaining blood sugar, lowering cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. Audley (2014) said, “Not similar to various other products which claim for weight loss, you do not have to be on a strict diet and even more there is no need for any exercise when you are using or consuming the pure green coffee.” It is true that pure green coffee bean almost doesnt have any harmful effect as diet supllement, but it is better to ask your doctor for the right dosage you can consume. You will lose your weight and improve your health at the same time by consumimg pure green coffee bean.

Weight Loss Plan For Children

Obesity doesn’t only become the problem belongs to adult anymore. A study by the International Obesity Taskforce reported that a total of 155 million children between the ages five and 17 worldwide are overweight, with 30 t0 40 million of them regarded as obese (Chin, 2007 on Reader Digest). Who knows how much percentage of children in the world who get obese and overweight today.

The fact is many parents are too late to notice the bad habit of their children. In some cases, reducing food consumption does not always work well. It is because obesity is more than just eating problem but also lifestyle.


Recently, you must hear that some younger people get stroke or heart attack, the disease which usually happen to older people. It is not easy even for adult to keep their diet alone. So, parents need to work extra to solve this problem. To arrange a diet plan to lose the weight of children can be easy and difficult at the same time. Here are some advices for parents

Controlling the food consumption

  1. Cook a healthy meal by involving the children. Younger children usually like to take a part in activity which let them move, experiment, and learn new things. Making sandwich or hamburger can be a fun activity. It is better than order fast food.
  2. Eat together at dining table with the whole family. A study showed that kids who ate most of their meals with their family were less likely to be overweight, said Griffin on During this time turn off the TV and gather all family members to focus on eating the food. Sometimes you can eat together at the restaurant, but eating at home will make your children more comfortable because they can be free compare to a restaurant where there are many strangers.
  3. Selecting healtier food like fruits and vegetables more. It doesn’t mean that you must forbid your chidlren for eating meat, snack, or ice cream. Since the children usually quite picky with the food, you must be smart to cook and serve these food. Appeal them with the appearance first, next you can move to the flavor. Don’t forget to make them drink more water for better
  4. Looking at children right portions. In this case you should not force your children to eat evrything on the plate at first. To prevent this give them an average amount. Doing this continuaaly and you will see that thye graudally, eating properly. Let them enjoy the food.

Make a proper schedule to do some activities.

The actvity can be doing some sports, game, or explore the nature in your neighbourhood environment. The exercise for children is very important because it can burn more fat on their body. Another things that parents should not forget is keeping an eye of children lifestyle. All the parents shoud have known that nowadays chidlren mostly spend their spare time with plays station, watching TV, or sitting the whole day in front of their PC.

So, the parents should create at least a weekly plan to do some exercise together. This is also can be used as a reward when the chidlren have succed to losesome weight while follow the diet diligently. It is useless if the parents only focus on the food and forget about how the children spending their free time.

Check the school and ask for help if you can.

When children are sitting they cannot burn more calorie. So, you may ask the teacher to make more activities for children. If the school prepared lunch, take a look at what kind of food that is served. On the other hand, if the school doesn’t provide lunch you can prepare a health packed lunch to prevent them from eating exesssive and unhealthy snack,

The most important thinga are be patient, smart, and involving the whole family, be sure the children don’t feel under pressure with the diet. If you doing this in a right way, the children’s weight loss plan might affect the whole health of the family into better.

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